Welcome To Bhagavathy Construction

Bhagavathy Construction is an Innovative Construction Company which focuses on building high end Residential Apartments, Independent Houses, Interior and Institution Infrastructure in Chennai, run by highly experienced and talented Management Team . Our most important trait is going after Customer Delight

We employ very experienced Architects and Structural Consultants who are veterans in this field, deliver innovative Space Management solutions combined with elegant External Elevations.

So-called softer impediments often require as much resumecvwriter.com attention as technical hurdles.

Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Information is Power

Remember forewarned is forearmed. Ask questions about the process or the progress of your home and always keep a measuring tape handy when you’re 

Duration of Construction

The size, complexity, site, weather conditions, labour availability and materials are factors that affect timelines during construction. 

Buying Land

Keep the following checklist handy before zeroing in on land- Zoning and restrictions Price Water table Existing waste / sewer / rainwater system 

Budgeting and Estimation

There are two major factors to consider- Land Cost and Construction Cost. Land costs fluctuate and vary depending on location,